Not a punishing carbon tax

Not taxing carbon, but untaxing green!

As a reminder: green is taxed, heavily taxed, from wages of green workers to profit of green corporations.

The goal is to make green products cheaper than hydrocarbon products. The goal should not be to tax hydrocarbons for their “fair value”.

Economists are blind that taxation on renewable energy systems is already high and paid by end users! It encompasses more than the sales tax; it also includes the tax paid by any employee working on clean energy products. In reality, income tax, payroll tax, sales tax, corporate tax, capital gains tax, all come from the added value of corporations or individuals selling their renewable energy products and services in markets. Without corporations and markets, the workers’ income tax would be null, due to no wage at all. Moreover, income and payroll taxes currently reach 80% of Federal revenues, while corporate tax is below 10%.

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