Population growth will need new agriculture tech

In Short

There is no uncontrolled birth rate, as the number of new babies is stable around the world. There is rather an aging population, leading to 11 billion by the end of the century, with the migration to mega-cities increasing.

A Few Details

Some believe that controlling population by controlling the birth rate, with family planning could solve the pressure of too many of us on mother nature. The problem is: most of the population growth doesn’t come from the uncontrolled birth rate. We are aging more than having babies. This aging of the population is the main cause of the population growth. It will account for most of the population growth of the rest of the century. High birth rate, limited essentially to Africa, will only account for much less of the population growth.

Inevitably, the demand for food as well as energy will grow from such a population increase. Fields for crops will compete with fields for global warming mitigation, such as forests to suck CO2 from the atmosphere. High-tech for more food (e.g., GMOs, vertical farming…) and for building high-rise mega-cities to save fields from sprawling cities will be even more critical.

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