Strict rules imposed onto corporations

In Short

Could the government impose new strict green rules onto the corporations, with price controls on the output?

A Few Details

The conversion cost would be astronomical. A few thriving corporations may afford the cost, but many corporations and small businesses are just surviving. These businesses can’t simply pay for it with their own money.

If corporations are not allowed to raise their sale prices with inherent costs simply passed on to consumers, many corporations will go bankrupt, destroying millions of jobs and impoverishing many.

If corporations can raise their sale prices, it would lead to dramatic spikes in the prices of renewable energy, electric vehicles, food, and everything else. It would impoverish most who can’t afford such a green output.

Such dictatorial legislation can’t be imposed without hurting the most vulnerable, who would immediately elect climate change deniers scrapping all green legislation. For this reason, governments have only imposed lenient rules of energy-efficiency or carbon taxation on corporations, which had little effect to curb carbon emissions.

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