A fast green transition would burden the poor more than the rich

In Short

The share of energy is larger in the budget of the poor. Inevitably, any regulation on energy to prevent global warming would burden the poor more than the rich.

A Few Details

According to “energy burden” studies, carbon regulations would plague the lower middle class, more than the rich. It adds up on top of inequalities to sum up as the reason why the fight against global warming stagnates! Only a few percent of the upper middle class will go green at any cost, while most will keep on dragging their feet as they get the short end of the stick.

The poor can’t be sacrificed to save the planet from global warming. Harsh regulations can’t crank up the green transition and demolish the poor. They certainly won’t accept it, and they will vote it out and elect radical politicians rolling back green regulations. This radicalization fear is a root cause of inaction about global warming.

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