Carbon regulations approved by Congress

In Short

A successful carbon strategy must get the support of the majority, without crushing the minority.

A Few Details

With their vote, people can promote green legislation favoring the unfettered scaling up of the green economy undercutting fossil fuels, such as:
-Building permits for green ventures, such as building permits for wind turbines, nuclear plants or mining metals for batteries;
-Allow reselling electricity from solar panels to the grid;
-Energy-efficiency standards to involve everyone;
-Subsidies for funding green-tech;
-Carbon pricing to erase the price advantage of fossil fuels.

Such political support would need to overcome a few obstacles:
-Pressure for climate change action is ranking low, but has been climbing in the past few years;
-Inequalities motivate angry voters to elect anti-establishment representatives either leaning towards socialism in the name of climate urgency or instead dismissing climate action.

Easier said than done? It must be done!

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