Progress for industry and transport

Energy-efficiency has always progressed as technology improves and investments follow. Cars or machinery are more efficient than in the 1960s, before the oil shocks of the 1970s. However, corporations still rely on hydrocarbon energy, burning natural gas in their ovens, selling more gas-powered cars, or more toys imported on ships powered by diesel fuel.

The only progress is pledges by corporations to go carbon-free… soon, after decades of hydrocarbon overuse.

To comply with their pledges for a green transition, corporations will have two goals:
-Conversion of the whole production cycle from outdated machinery (e.g., ovens, trucks, cars, boats, trains) to electrical equivalent powered by green electricity.
-Replacement of hydrocarbon output products (energy-efficient or not) by electric equivalents such as EV or electric-only water heater.

To track the realization of these pledges, progress can be monitored through the hydrocarbon consumption by industry (for production cycle) and transport (for distribution and new output available for consumers).

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